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20 May 1980
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I'm an electrical engineer in my 30s. I've lived in Wichita, Kansas since 2002. I'm married to an electronic music DJ. We have two daughters, one born in 2013 and the other in 2010. We also have a dog and some guinea pigs. I work in the aviation industry and have a private pilot's license.

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I spent the first 12 years of my life in St. Louis. Then I moved to Overland Park, KS for the next 6 years or so, spending most of my high school career in activities like track and field and music. My senior year, I finally broke down and took programming (in basic! yee-ah!) and physics and totally loved both, couldn't believe what I was missing by singing in the choir and writing poetry all those years (not that those activities were bad, but they kept me from doing things I ended up loving.)

Then I went to college. I picked a small one where I could still run track and said I wanted to go into some kind of science related field. The summer before I started, I got a call from one of the professors in the electronics program offering me a scholarship if I'd just declare an electronics major and take one three hour class. So I tried it. The class was hard as hell and I was the only girl but I ended up really liking it. I had a stronger math/physics background than a lot of the guys, so I did well. Electronics is very empowering, and I felt at home learning methods of applied science. I earned my degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in May 2002, went to work, and got a master's in Electrical Engineering in May 2008.

I got married in August 2007 to the very adorable but slightly ADHD njntrubl (don't click on that journal, he doesn't update it, just uses the account for replies). We are a sickeningly happy couple.

In March 2010 I became a private pilot.


I am an avionics systems engineer. I work for a large aircraft company in Wichita, Kansas, we're always churning out new models so there's always a lot to do. Avionics comes from a combination of the phrase Aviation Electronics... everything electronic that's needed to fly. There are systems for navigation, communication, weather detection, satellite data, traffic warnings, ground proximity warnings, and anything else our customers want. Anyway, my job is to help put these all together and get them approved by the FAA. I really love my job, the people I work with are great and it's fun stuff to study.


I like to play around with computer stuff in my spare time. I always have a desktop at home running some form of Linux.

I also spend a lot of time on my website. I've had it in various forms since 1998 or so, and it's sort of taken on a life of its own, but that's okay. It's got members for me to love now.

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