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Well, yesterday's entry sure was fun :) Now back to my dumb life...

I had a wonderful day, for the most part. Woke up early. I'm setting my alarm to 7:30 these days, partially for training, partially because it's just a good time to wake up. I put it on "radio" so if I'm really tired, I'll sleep through it, otherwise it's just what I need.

Mowed the lawn. I hope that was the last time I ever mow my parent's lawn, ever. But never say never. It rained a lot this week so the grass was tall, I cut the hell out of it. munch munch.

Showered, did computer things, then ate a light lunch and dressed up to go out. I went to bath/kitchen stores, and furniture stores, and all those. I found a set of dishes I liked at BB&B for $49 but didn't do it quite yet because I wasn't sure of the color. They had black. I actually thought about it. Black dishes would be so chic and facinating.

Then I went to Gordman's out of sheer curiousity, I hardly ever buy anything there because it's so cheap looking but I was bored. And they had black dishes too, for $10 a set! And another $10 for a set of counter canisters, and another $10 for 3 serving bowls. Part of me said there had to be a catch, it'd be all chiped or all ugly or not dishwasher safe, but I checked everything over and took things out of boxes and it looked very nice. Who'd know it was $10? Then they had flatware... this set I totally fell in love with, a sleek, modern looking set of flatware for $20. I bought two sets so I'd have service for eight. Then bought the dishes, thought about buying another set of dishes but I wanted to see if I'd like it. Something in me said, "placemats!" so I went to bed bath and beyond and bought beautiful soft beige placemats with cloth napkins and silver napkin rings.

Bedding was my emergency issue #2, and it still is. All the sets I see are either flowery (no way, not for this engineer, kids) or boring solid colors. Eddie Bauer has some right ideas, but nothing hit me perfectly. I bought a comforter and bedskirt at Dillard's, the saleslady was really annoying. She kept asking me if I wanted to check out and I was like, "NO! Will you slow the hell down?!" Then I saw a plaid pillow sham I loved, but they only had one. She told me that I should just buy it, because lots of people are just having one shammed pillow in the middle of their bed. On commission much, dear? She didn't offer to order it or call another store. Uhg. At least she was trying to help, but she was pushy and dishonest, it annoyed me, I might take the stuff back because when I think of it I'm really not happy at all, I wanted the plaid.

I stopped and saw Mikey on the way home, told him about the fiasco with the pillow shams, even Mikey knew you have to have two pillows against that back wall. He's a guy, for God's sake. Then I went to the computer store and bought two ball-bearing case fans for my computer. It's been sounding like a diesel engine lately, the power supply fan is dying or something. I hope this helps. The guy told me the fans were $10 each, I asked if he'd take $18 for two, he said sure. Dad says this is not bargaining, I still suck at bargaining. Fine. But hey, it's my local neighborhood computer store, what do you want?

Came home and got out all my dishes and placemats and napkin rings and set a place for myself. And you know what? It's positively exquisit! I'm so happy! It's the first really successful thing I've purchased, go me! I just have to get a matching table now. I can't believe I bought all my dishes and flatwear and everything for under $80, Gordman's totally rocks! And no one will ever know :) ha ha ha!

Went to Sam's with Dad and got pots and pans and a set of rubbermaid containers. Got home and Mikey called again, they were all going out, but Dad and I had rented a movie and I didn't feel like going out. Mike never takes that for an answer. I wonder sometimes if he ever has a life to himself, when he's not being social. I don't think so. I can't relate. Anyway, I told him to leave me alone, he accused me of being in a bad mood, I hung up on him. That wasn't a nice thing to do at all. I feel very bad about it, in fact. But damn! I spent like six hours with him yesterday, visited him at work today, I just wanted to sit at home and be anti-social. I like being anti-social. He always treats me like I'm a total retard when I do that, or acts personally hurt, and I don't do it to hurt him, I do it because, well, it's me.

uhg. I love him. But no matter how much I love someone, I'll always want them to leave me the hell alone every once in a while, I'm just like that. Especially in the evening. I'm not a night owl, I don't like going out after dinner, I'd rather just sit back with my family and watch a movie.

oh well, happy birthday to belgand. sorry I missed the big party.
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