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typical day

I once made it a point for Sundays to be my day when my lj would be about things I actually did during the week, so I don't get lost in philosophizing. I'm not sure I DO much though. Most days are the same, without events or travels.

there's this old counting crows song (or the excellent Natalie Walker cover) that gets into my head a lot:

I am colorblind.
Coffee black and egg white.
Pull me out from inside.
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready.

I had work this week. One morning I woke up early and went for a 2 mile jog, except that I'll spend some of the last half mile walking. My "weekend route" is 2.6 miles. One evening I went on a long bike ride by myself while marc made dinner. Saturday night we biked together, over the pedestrian bridges by the highways to see the sky right after sunset. We have not found the best place to watch the sunset.

I leave for work between 6:30 and 7. We wear masks whenever we are not sitting at our desks now, so I wear it for entering, walking through the halls, going to the restroom or break room, and in meetings. The weird thing for me to get used to is coffee, because I'm used to taking a coffee into a meeting, but I'd have to de-mask to drink it so now my meetings are beverage-less. work was hectic but I want to keep this entry public so I'll leave the details out.

I have been reliably staying out of the company cafeteria for lunch and eating light amounts of leftovers. Marc made zucchini squash with ground beef one night, beef enchiladas another night, both rank very high on the leftover potential list, so I was fed for the week.

For the other dinners we had non-leftover things... spring rolls, salad bar night, I think tonight's menu is fried catfish.

On the home improvement front, I decided I have done the projects I could have done. I've gone out for quotes for ceiling repair where we had water damage years back. I'm trying to track down roofing/gutter companies for the leak on the north wall. I have some folks I'm working with but I have to hound them. Home repair is apparently flooded with business these days, no loss for work, it's a challenge. Even the tree trimmers who gave me quotes last month now won't get back to me about scheduling.

I water my plants. I pick up sticks in the yard. Yesterday I made felt flowers for a garland I'll put on the fireplace mantel a few months out of the year, I want to change it seasonally.

Josie and I play cards a lot. Last week we got out Sequence. I want to get chess back out. Josie's schedule is terrible. She stays up all night playing fortnight with her friends, then sleeps all day, and in the few hours of overlap we have I try to look at her and reach out and talk to her and get her attention.

Josie asked to learn to play chess. I could barely remember how to play. Then playing with her I remembered that I am really bad at it, I get impatient and just move all my pieces way out in front without a ton of strategy. It would make her retreat defensively, and then I'd have her cornered and win, but I bet if we keep playing she will realize she can beat me, because most everyone else in the world eventually does. I used to play it with some dorm guys in college who got super into it, reading books and discussing it, but I couldn't bring myself to care that much, so I lost all over the place. I bet Josie wouldn't have to read books to beat me. Yes. We'll get chess back out. Maybe I'll let her win once to keep her interest.

Olive and marc play the day shift videogames... animal crossing, roblox and minecraft. I try to get olive to play board games with me too but she doesn't like any game that takes more than five minutes.

The school district sent out a survey monkey about whether we wanted kids in school in the fall. I voted yes... but wasn't sure. I also only feel like one tiny vote and at this point whatever happens happens. I just know that without school and without work I feel like we're slipping through hours without a ton of meaning. I miss all the structure. I also read that Canada and other countries have school going and it's been fine. But those are countries that responded sensibly to mask orders and quarantines, and we did not. So my friends are all voting no to schools, and I am okay with that too.

1029 active cases in Wichita, 2000 total cases, 28 deaths.

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