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the friday five: travel

thefridayfive posted questions early this week, I must support this!

1. Where did you travel on your last vacation or other big trip?

The last big trip I personally took was to Barcelona, Spain for work. It wasn't technically a vacation, but it was amazing. I loved meeting with people from all around the world, the food, the conference, the little bits of time I could be outside in Spain.

From the family vacation perspective, we traveled a lot in 2019. Branson, Destin, Buffalo - I can't even remember what the most recent one was. But now I'm awfully glad we did it! Who knew 2020 would be a no travel summer? I think Buffalo was the last trip. It was just marc and me, being silly on the boat around Niagara falls, dipping our feet in Lake Ontario, gorging ourselves on buffalo wings. We went to take care of his Seneca Nation enrollment, so again... not a totally "we chose this" vacation, but an amazing time anyway.

2. What was the best trip you ever took? Where did you go, and with whom, and what made it so good?

It's a toss up. I'll list my top 5:
1) Vegas with Marc... and I can't even name which trip! Egads I just realized we've been to Vegas four times. Defcon 13 when we met and I learned how amazing hacker parties were, our honeymoon when we rented the cabin in the mountains between all the other vegas city stuff, some other Defcon where I sung sweaty hacker karaoke surrounded by loving nerds, two years ago when we went for the star trek convention.

2) New York with Cate to see broadway shows. We saw neil patrick harris star in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and alan cumming star in cabaret. We walked and dined and made a million fantastic bff memories.

3) Denver last year with my sister for mother's day. We saw Wicked, their amazing art museum, strolled downtown, relaxed away from our families, and had 8 hours in the car together each way to just talk and talk and talk.

4) Seattle to meet my spacefemmite friends for geek girl con

5) The Chicago mission trip I took with Dad when I was like 12. Runner up Dad trips: California with Dad to watch the Olympic Track and Field trials in... 2004? Maybe I can go someplace with Dad again.

3. Where do you dream of traveling on your next vacation when it's safe to travel again?

One thing I am sad about is the kids had SO much fun at Silver Dollar City last year, they spent the next months watching roller coaster videos on youtube dreaming about what theme park we'd visit next. Josie especially is at the perfect age to love those rides. So where would we go this year... Worlds of Fun in KC? Six Flags in St. Louis? Frontier City in Oklahoma City?

None of them, it turns out.

Maybe we can double up next year.

4. Where are you likely to actually travel to on your next vacation when it's safe?

Oh... that last question was about my wildest dreams. I guess I don't dream much past reality. One dream I have someday is to go to Europe with Marc, but it doesn't need to be next year.

5. Do you prefer to vacation to new places each time or to familiar places -- or maybe you prefer to stay home?

I feel obligated to go to new places. You only live once. I feel bad that we've been to vegas four times... gotta branch out! It's a cheap flight, but still.

There are familiar places I love. Canoeing in Missouri. The art gallery in Kansas City. Walking along the Arkansas River around the Keeper of the Plains park in Wichita.

And this year has taught me that it is healthy to spend a quiet week at home. Reflect, work on the house, save money, get it to a place you enjoy.

But still... when I was a kid I went through this van gogh fan phase and swore to myself I'd go to Amsterdam as soon as I could. I've never been. I'd like to go to Australia... not sure if we can justify that flight, but I still think about it.

I've never been to Boston, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, the Redwood forests, Mexico, any Caribbean island, French-speaking regions of Canada. I haven't spent nearly enough time in Chicago, Washington DC, or Seattle. None of these places are terribly far... we just haven't been that way yet.

Josie is almost old enough where her and I could go on a trip together, and probably have an amazing time. I want her to be old enough to ask for it. Maybe I will hint that way.
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