Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

June growing report

Like all of us, I've spent lots of time out in my neighborhood this year.

When I'm not working I'll take a morning run, and afternoon bike ride with Marc, and an evening after-dinner walk with Josie and the dog. When I am working, at least one of those can happen.Either way it gives me a lot of time to look at houses and I can't help but notice that our front yard landscaping game is way behind the curve.

My sister says this is not a good year to judge my landscaping, because everybody's landscaping is REALLY on point this year! As a society, this year surpasses all others for outdoor space beautification, closet organization, dust-free home exercise equipment, and livejournal updating.

The front of my house has rocks and I think the idea is a few nice plants and shrubs within the rocks, but instead it's a hot mess of plants, shrubs, stray baby trees, vines, weeds, and whoever else wanted to give it a go and put down roots any time over the past 10 years. Marc and I have stared at it a few times. Neither of us can tell what's supposed to be there and what isn't.

So on Sunday I just started tearing at it. Cutting, ripping, pulling, some trimming. We have birch trees that make strange tiny offshoots at their base, the vines were definitely choking the ornamental grasses, I don't mind some vines but I also knew whatever I ripped out wouldn't be the end of them. I think I hate the vines. They try to creep up the house, it's a constant battle.

I straight up converted one side of my yard to be a garden. It has peas and green bean plants. Neither has produced food, but the green bean plants are growing like gangbusters. I think something tried to eat the leaves off the snap peas already. So at least I fed something. Not me or my family, but something.

The windowboxes have nothing, because anything I put their gets scorched by the sun all day, so I'm researching plants that might do better there.

The container herb garden got weird this year. I have one microscopic basil plant. The mint went insane. Lettuce is struggling, but I clipped some for my salad the other day.

Back to landscaping, I might feel gutsy enough to haul my mask-wearing self to a garden store. When I go to nice neighborhoods, they have nicely shaped ground plants with big leaves. Flowers happen. Maybe I could get lavender to survive? I think if I plant it myself, I'll be a little more aware of what it is, will confirm that it's supposed to be there, and will care about it enough to help it live.

Underneath the vines and leaves and craziness I unearthed some of these plants. I don't know what they are but I liked them and decided they could live. I also left some struggling ornamental grasses that used to be bigger, according to google streetview. And one shrub.

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