Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

being proper, the art of rooms

I'd like to start this post with a quick lesson in netiquite from your friends at

When posting an anonymous comment in a journal or forum, it's usually nice to sign some kind of name at the end of it, just for reference. That way, I won't remember you as "Mr." or something like that, and I'll be much more likely to respond to your comment. It can even be a made-up name, so long as you always use the same one for a given IP address so you look like some kind of a human being behind the number. Do I have agreements from others here? I'm thinking so.

In other news, I took off this morning to do some furniture shopping. As I've said before, it seems that Wichita, KS has one contemporary furntiture store (sigh!) so I'm a bit limited there, but Des Moines seems to have two (alright!) so I can get a few more options. I haven't checked the Kansas City ones yet. So anyway, I found some nifty tables and stuff, didn't buy anything, but got some ideas to think about.

I don't think I can go all contemporary, I'm going to have to soften things a little bit. Some of the room examples I've seen are very cool-looking, but they've got this "I live in a modern art museum" look to them that I know I'll get sick of. Guess I'll have to find my style.

I came back here, ate lunch, and watched "Christopher Lowell" on TV. He's so weird. Did some really lame looking crafty stuff today, sometimes he's a bit hit and miss, but I liked his little speech on floor lighting.

Have had this thought recently of filling wall space with big, abstract paintings. This got me thinking about how expensive paintings were, which got me thinking, "Wait, I'm artistic, sort of, maybe I should learn to paint! It can't be hard. Especially abstract... it's just random thrown up stuff on canvas. I study web design, how can paintings be different?" Then I got this picture in my head of what a web designer would produce in the way of paintings... people walking in to a decorated apartment seeing all these blank white canvases with rounded corner squares decorating their right sides to display words like, "Home" and "About Us". I'd be obvious. It'd be a disaster.

Unless it caught on, then I could sell my works on ebay for thousands, be the next big thing. "Feel like you're IN a website with art by Spacefem! Throw out those stupid Thomas Kincade forests and get with the next century!"

Or I could just get more star wars posters.
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