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still the one...

So I'm in Des Moines. Dave and I were lying around last night when he brings up the fact that it's the 17th, which is the day we sorta decided should be our anniversary. So it's been a year! Only issue is, when I looked back at journal entries (I have some typed in from my paper journal, didn't get around to the whole thing, but I got August mostly done) we really decided to get together on the 15th. Either way, we both totally forgot to try to remember our one year anniversary, we didn't get each other anything, didn't go out for anything special, I'm as guilty as he is. To be honest, we're not really anniversary types, either of us. I think you have to be romantic for that or something, and you all know how romantic I am. Hell, I'm allergic to half the flowers in the world.

So we kind of laughed about it, and figured at least we were together. Then this morning we went to wal-mart and bought some steaks so we can make a semi-nice dinner tonight. And we bought lettuce for a salad, and croutons. And wine. Hey, wine makes an anniversary.

We talked about life, and wichita. Dave seems optimistic about moving closer to me soon, that's nice. We'll have to work it out. I'm not in a huge hurry, to be honest, I miss him a lot when we're not together but I have so many other things to think about that lately I haven't really had time to miss anybody. And we're not a bad long-distance relationship couple. We were friends for so long, we're so comfortable around each other, that when we do see each other it only takes about 10 seconds of saying hello and then we're talking again like we did when we lived 200 feet apart instead of 180 miles.

Dave's only the second guy I've dated for a whole year. My freshman year boyfriend almost made it, but towards the end he got so clingy and weird I broke things off two days before the big day. He kept bugging me about it, asking what I wanted, asking me what special thing we should do, I finally broke down and told him, "You know what? I don't even want to have a one year anniversary with you. Don't call." He wasn't right for me. Then my sophomore boyfriend, I made it a year with him, I think he got me some earrings. My ears aren't really pierced any more, I haven't worn any earrings in like eight months. But they're nice, wherever they are. He wasn't right for me either. A really amazing guy, but not the one.

In other news, my hair feels gross today. I've really grown it out, it's almost past my shoulders, I can't decide what to do with it. I think I look bad with long hair, mum says otherwise. No one else seems to have an opinion. Anyway, I'm going in for a hair cut before I move, mom made the appointment with her favorite stylist who charges a bit more than I'd usually like to spend. So I figure, if I'm spending the money, I might as well get a cute short haircut. I could get the ends trimmed for $20, that's useless.
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