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fast & the furious

Last week I wrote about my frustration with movies that show non-climbing airplanes, and a friend of mine pointed out an even BETTER example:

I hadn't seen Fast & The Furious 6... I didn't think I could, since I haven't seen 1-5. But now I know you don't have to watch them in order because they're not in any order. Marc has seen them but watching the clip he was like "oh that guy's alive in this one!" because who knows.

But the movie is famous for this airplane scene where the actors drive around, fight, enter and exit an Antonov An-124 during what seems to be a 5 minute takeoff roll. The airplane is screaming down the runway, you hear the crew say "we have reached takeoff speed", the fight scene continues, the cars are shown shooting at it, more fighting, everyone has a tea, the airplane is still on the runway. Everything continues. The airplane lifts off the runway about 10 feet, level with the cars. More fighting, chasing, driving, trash talk, "you joined the wrong team!"... the airplane is now 15 feet in the air.

I found myself immediately wondering how long this damn runway is, and I wasn't the only one... a quick google search shows plenty of calculator nerds all estimating that the runway would have to be 20-30 miles long.

This obviously doesn't exist so I'll add these runway length fun facts: Salina, Kansas actually has a two-mile long runway. Go figure! It's longer than the main ones in Wichita. It is fairly common for big international airports to have two mile long runways, just weird that ours is in the middle of Kansas. Built in WW2, there was an airforce base and B-17 flying fortress training. The longest runway in the world, Qamdo Bamda in China, is 3.4 miles long. The longest runway in America is at Denver International, 3 miles long. You'd think you'd be able to get out of that damn place faster.
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