Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

in there we were all in one place

Last night I went to ashley's dad's bar for a little party for steve's birthday. I was told the party would start around 6 or 6:30 and go until whatever, but that's insane so I showed up around 8:00. It's a college thing. I can't go to a party before 10:30 unless I'm really good friends with the people, even then 8:30 is a good time.

We played cards and sung karaoke songs. I sang "I Am Woman" and "Vincent", both very different songs that none of my friends knew well enough to sing. I kind of like singing songs that they don't all know. I was raised on that kind of music.

Then mikey gave me a present! I was so happy, and it's so beautiful, I don't even know why he got it (he called it a "going away" present). Now I can totally dress up for the LoTR movie this christmas, I'm just not sure how I can get up here to see the midnight showing between work things. I'll have to do it somehow. I must see LoTR with my friends, especially mikey, because he got my "favorite friend of the month" award for this one. Mikey gives the best presents ever. Seriously, I have so much stuff from him that's just incredible, and I've never given him crap. I need to think of something really nice to pay him back, but I generally suck at gift-giving.

Although I did well enough for steve I think. I stopped at Border's earlier that day to look for inspiration and found an escher book (you can never have too much escher, everyone knows this) and a little box with a magnetic sculpture. You know, little metal thingies on a big magnet that you smush around until they make a shape? I've been obsessed with the things since I was seven years old. I just love them. I should get myself one. I thought about keeping steve's, but that wouldn't have been right. Anyway, as luck would have it, steve totally loves magnetic sculptures too! It just goes to show that we're all, well, total freaks who will never outgrow toys.

I left just before midnight. Mike was a bit upset about that one, but he had to deal, because I was tired. I've been good lately about making my self-inflicted curfew, I was really tired and knew it, so even though friends protested I left. Yes, we were just about to sing another song together, but the fact was that we were singing 95% of the songs, either as a group or in small groups or as individuals, so there would never really be a good time to leave.

I gave people my new phone number though, that was fun, told them what day I was moving. This afternoon I'm going to drive to Des Moines to see Dave again. Should be fun. I hope it stops raining, the weather is really awful today.
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