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Dear Spacefem,
Hi I'm going into the 4th grade and there is a guy that really like but he has know idea I like him should I tell him? I'm so scared that he wouldn't like me because I think he likes this other girl. And I know if I never tell him he will never know but he with this group "the popular kids" and well I'm not.

Okay, so the happy advice columns known as Ask Spacefem and it's, uh, sister column, Ask Spacefem's Boyfriend, keep getting tons and tons of e-mail from really young girls with really retarded relationship issues. Since I couldn't get the time of day from anyone of the opposite gender until I turned 18, I can't really answer these questions well, and my poor man who gets most of the dumbest ones is getting tired of answering the same thing over and over again. We don't even put them on the web site any more, they're that repetitive.

My philosophy is, when you're that young, relationships don't matter at all. Male or female. When in doubt even a little bit, change. If you're single, tell the other person you like them, don't wus out about it, say it. If you're "going out with" someone, break up with them when you get bored next week and need a new stupid social crisis. Because it really doesn't matter.

Then it occured to me: it's obvious that this is the answer for all issues having to do with people 13 and younger or so, because the problems they write about are so horribly trivial, but at what age do relationships start to matter? And do I really have the right to say that anyone's problems are horribly trivial? A lot of you probably think that about my problems, you're nice enough not to say it.

And I'm wondering one other thing... who in their right mind as a parent would let their fourth grader go to my site?! I thought there were parental controls for such things? I use bad words.

Final thought: I just bought some amazingly wonderful pants at The Limited. That store and NYCO are the only ones who every so often will have a pair that fits me, and the ones I got today are a nice soft gray color, very tailored and professional looking. I bought a soft pink sweater and a light purple top to go with them. yay :) I don't wear much pink, but I look alright in it, really.
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