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I noticed that AT&T switched CEOs last week. Interesting time for new opportunities. I've had an AT&T phone forever... or at least since they bought Cingular, whenever that was. Remember when cell phone companies were young cool startups? Now they are definitely like utilities, except with shinier, tech-friendly, "this is still fun!" exteriors. But on the inside they're a commodity. Glitches, price increases, and miserable customer service. Last time I had an issue they sent me a survey, can you believe it? I reported back that their customer service made me want to self-harm, and they weren't sure why.

Last year they gave us a deal on internet. We probably shouldn't have fallen for it, but it would be fiber, and cheaper than what we were paying. The cable company hadn't done us many favors lately either. Let's face it, it's like a customer service race to the bottom there. So we signed up.

It took four months to get the bills right. It started off as a separate bill, but the whole point had been to bundle it with our phones. We weren't allowed to merge bills during odd times in either cycle, or when we'd been late on payments. And we were late on payments a lot. Why? Get this... we signed up for autopayment, and they didn't auto-pay themselves. Yes. Each time, we called, asked why they didn't take the money they said they were going to take, and each time they apologized, credited our account, assured us it was all set up... then failed again. And each of these debacles took an hour or more on the phone. Chat help was terrible, it's like the tech was chatting with 75 people at once. You'd type, then five minutes later get a reply. Their internet people were on a different planet from their phone people.

When we finally merged the plans, they double-charged us for internet... once for the bundled plan, then again for the actual plan. More phone time.

We eventually got it sorted out, but I still joke that our AT&T bill is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Marc broke is damn phone in February and got a new one, we got all kinds of surprise activation fees on the new one, but you just have to go with it.

phone and internet is our highest bill by far. I shudder to think of what my old college self would think of it. I remember shaking my head at the financial irresponsibility of having cable... my old self would absolutely pass out if she saw the annual cost of phones and internet.

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