Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

april garden report

last week on a beautiful sunny day I got my containers planted.

first, I read on the internet that you can re-grow some of your store bought veggies just by putting them in glasses of water. so I've done some of that and it's been really fun. I had lettuce, celery, and onions started. Marc tried planting green pepper seeds in one of the containers, nothing has come from that yet but we'll see.

second, I spray painted popsicle sticks and wrote on them with paint pens so I have plant markers this year. I've never done this before. it's only three containers so I figure that's easy, I'll remember what I planted where. but I never do.

container 1: mint came up on its own this year. that's nice! but I don't need a whole container of mint, so I ripped half of it out and gave the rest to my extra lettuce seeds. I could use infinity lettuce.

container 2: green beans, peas, and our starter plants of celery, onions and pepper.

container 3: half lettuce, half basil.

if I had another container I'd grow cilantro and parsley. maybe next year. last year we forgot to compost the grass every time the lawn was mowed... well, to tell the truth, we didn't mow much. we're lazy about it and our neighborhood sets the bar low. so we let it grow until some struggling random guy knocks on the door and asks to mow it for money, and we don't ask him to bag the grass. so we didn't have compost to add to the dirt this year, and the containers are kind of low. I'm not proud. But this year we got on it, first mowing of the year we kept it, put it in the compost bin and it's composting as we speak!

I should REALLY start my seeds in little containers and then plant the plants. next year, I swear!

I wish I could grow tomatoes. But I tried too many years in a row and never got fruit, only plants. I read that green beans and peas are easy. I also know that the are small. It should be easier to grow small food, right? I tried to grow carrots, and they were very very small, and they're root vegetables so you never know how you're doing. It's ambitious of me to try to grow real food this year, I'd almost given up and just resigned myself to herbs forever. I said screw it, I can't feed myself, I just have to be an engineer and hope that society doesn't collapse. but it's collapsing a little bit, so I have to get back to trying.

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