Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday five: coverings


What are you using for a face covering when you venture out?
I don't venture out, marc is our store go-er. but for my last physical therapy appointment I work my star trek fabric mask. marc's looks like numbers scrolling down from The Matrix. I sewed both.

What’s a recent cover you like of a song you already liked?
oh man, this is killing me! yesterday on spotify I pulled up "put your records on" by corinne bailey rae and let it just play related songs after that. Somewhere in that mix was someone singing a great cover of "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5. And now I can't find it! But today I will be listening to a lot of The Jackson 5, I promise you!

How good are you at keeping track of food storage container lids?
Very good. A few years ago we purged all our random non-matching food storage and got a mega set of rubbermaid flex-and-seal. the lids snap together to other lids, the containers stack nicely. we have them in a cabinet not a drawer. they are not everywhere. it was a thing we splurged on that I am happy with. I know glass storage containers are the new healthfood rage so we're not all getting plastic badness in us, but I have to have containers that stack nicely for storage.

When did you last cover for someone?
uh... two fridays ago, I took the late shift and stayed until 6pm on the help line. we don't get many questions that late, so I put on headphones and worked on presentations and had a pretty good time once I found the right music. Our normal second shift guy is a huge Prince fan, so I put on Prince. It was great!

In your residence, what has a special cover?
My sewing machine has a lovely fabric cover I made for it. Super cute fabric on both sides (it's reversable), front pocket for the pedal and extension cord. Keeps the dust off and looks adorable. I'm thankful for it too, because the sewing machine lived untouched in our basement for about the last two years. any sewing I did was at our makerspace. but with the makerspace quarantined, I'm having to go back in time and get out my own stuff. My sewing machine, a decades-old singer I got from my mother-in-law, was very clean and still working great.

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