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grain safety week

Driving home from work tonight I noticed a billboard telling me that we are right in the middle of Grain Safety Week! I'd like to wish you all a happy one. More info is available at:

I was just mentioning to Marc that despite being from Kansas, I don't know much about grain storage and silos.

Browsing the website, the grain silo industry has a lot in common with other industry in terms of safety. Keep your machines in good condition, don't slack on preventative maintenance, stay organized, three points of contact on very stable ladders.

There are also many concerns about entering a grain bin. You should never enter a grain bin unless you know why you're going in there and what you will be doing. You need to be trained, have met with your supervisor and spotter, post appropriate notifications that there is someone going in the bin, and of course use that spotter. If they go on break you go on break. Buddy system.

I thought there would be more on the sites about grain bin explosions which are terrible and we all live in fear of them, there are still lots of people around me who heard the explosion in 1998. It was heard across the city of Wichita. Seven people were killed and more injured. So I had to look that up on OSHA's website, which had this other statement that I know to be true: "No grain elevator explosion has a singular cause."

No industrial accident ever has a single cause.

They go on to say that an unlubricated bearing seized up, which lead to friction, overheated parts and finally ignition... but it would be a mistake to blame the ignition by itself in an environment full of uncontrolled grain dust. It is always a domino effect.

The safety week information talks a lot about preventative maintenance and staying tuned in with industry guidance. Learn from others. Have plans. Make sure your whole team knows your plans and why. Rehearse your emergency strategies. Then do everything you can to prevent ever having to use them.
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