Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

sign, buy, deliver!

Okay, gotta update really fast from hotel's "business center" (consists of computer in the breakfast room. yeah!)

I put down a deposit on a real live apartment today! ohmigod! It's on the second floor, one bedroom , has a private entryway (stairs are carpeted and inside my apartment and all that), new carpet, all white woodwork, walk-in closet, about 10 minutes from where I work. And get this: it's $390 a month! It's very nice. I think Mom will like it okay.

Then I went mattress shopping. I loved the guy at Denver Mattress Co., and their stuff is cheap, so I think tomorrow I might go by and just order something. And guess what... they've got a deal going right now where everything is 12 months same as cash! weee! That means I can write a check for the whole thing in like July of 2003 and there still won't be interest, can you imagine? In 2003 I'll be swimming in cash! Rolling in it! Burning it for light effects when I'm bored! At least, that how I've imagined life once I have a job.

Then I went furniture shopping! Okay, this part kinda sucks, because there are like 0 places to buy cute neat contemporary furniture peices in Kansas. It's all grandma sofas and carved cherry sofa tables. gag me with a spoon. I did find one place that had a sofa I fell in love with, bright red. But I was too wussy to go with bright red, so then the saleslady was like, "Well, here's these swatches... how about eggplant?" I LOVE eggplant! Then she's like, "Well, we can have it delivered in eight weeks if you order it now." What?! Eight weeks? Two months of no livingroom furniture while I wait for this couch I adore? I don't know what to do! I kinda like the red one, but I am afraid of red furniture causing negative energy in my life or something. Uhg. And Mom told me on the phone tonight to "think reeealy hard about getting a bright red couch and chair, honey." But hey, eggplant is pretty damn crazy too. I am crazy. I am nutty. I am going to have apartment furniture that my parents would never think of getting in a million years.

And I will pay for it sometime in February, because this place had 6 months same as cash :) Gawd, I was made to furniture shop. I had the greatest day today. Seriously, I'm waiting to wake up from this dream, I'm waiting for the airplane company to call back and be like, "We were just kidding. Want to work in our factory or something?" It's not often that a human can feel this way, to say with 100% certainty that she loves her life. I love my life. It could not be more perfect. I never thought I'd say this, but planet earth was totally the right place for me to be born, I wouldn't take a transfer even if offered. And I know I'm going to love my job. Every time an airplane flies overhead I just stop and stare at it, it's been so long since I've been close to an airport, it's so exciting. We fly! I'll make people fly. My job is going to rock.

Okay, gotta go! Going to see an old college friend. ttfn.
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