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the entire stock market is up this year... except for pinterest. and it went down even more this past month with news that facebook might make a competitor. you know what, I don't care who makes a competitor - as long as somebody does. it had such potential but omg, so many misses.

it's a site for organizing your ideas, but it's a disorganized mess. I can't tell anymore what my popular pins are, I can't distinguish what's coming from people, advertisers, or random ideas that it thinks I like. I'm afraid to click on any pin because who knows whether the site is "real" or some random aggregation of images.

Or if it's a recipe I'm definitely going to have to scroll through 40 paragraphs of keyword stuffed prelude before I get to the damn recipe.

okay that last one might not be pinterest's fault. just an irritating internet trend. please just show me the recipe for potato soup, then if you want to explain all your childhood memories about it you can.

finally, the dates! pinterest hates dates. when it was mostly new it was mostly new, that was great, but now I don't know if a pin is a cool new idea or if it was big in 2014 and I'm just late to the party. on a site about fashion, being used by a woman who's really not sure what's going on in fashion, I need clarification.

so good riddance and let this be a lesson to other social media sites. it's like swimming in an ocean - no feedback about whether the community appreciates you, no information about where the currents are heading. I have deleted its phone app and browser plug-in, never to return.
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