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One nice thing about having my own lj is that I can say whatever I darn well please about parenting, because according to the rules of most parenting groups I'm in you are ONLY allowed to support, not judge or give advice. I cringe so much.

example post: "my 3yo seems very behind, he can't read yet, I bought him all the harry potter books and he's barely through the first 200 pages. what flashcards can I buy to drill more complex sightwords into his tiny brain, especially when he's tired after a long day at prep school?"

according to the rules of supporting mommy communities, I am only allowed to recommend flashcard brands. not ask 1,000,000 other questions I have. I definitely cannot question the diagnosis of this struggling preschooler.

example post: "just need to vent. I've asked my family members to 'like and share' my daughter's facebook page for her youtube toy opening videos, and they are really dragging their feet on it. what's worse, some of them got her christmas toys that were not in sealed blind bags so we couldn't use them on the channel, and we clearly asked for shopkins EIGHTH edition not SEVENTH, IS IT SO HARD PEOPLE?"

again... since it started with a prompt to vent, I'm only allowed to say "I feel ya sister!" or nothing at all. so I have to say nothing. it's hard for me. if someone says they're venting you are not to give advice, that's the rule in like three communities I stumbled upon. because we are "cool". but omg.

last example post: "my stupid husband brought the baby down for her 1st birthday party NOT WEARING HER OFFICIAL 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY ONESIE, I am doing so much work for this perfect occasion, I got the invites out for the 60 people, rented the ponies, and now he can't even get the clothes right? why even have a first birthday, UGH!"

I want to offer so much relationship advice but again. I just head over to livejournal, and write this post.

you're doing awesome, parents! all of you! suuuuuure!
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