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random thought of the day: slash

I've been looking at LoTR sites again because, well, it's what I do, and I got to wondering something.

If you wrote a book, or made a movie, or started a TV series, and you got on the internet and found that thousands of people had produced stories and or images of your main hero characters GETTING IT ON in marathon gay orgy sweaty jello sex rampages, how would that make you feel?

I don't think I'd feel good. Especially if I made the characters straight. Or made them gay, and they were getting it on in marathon straight orgy sweaty jello sex rampages. I mean, they're my characters, like my children, they aren't allowed to do dirty things unless I let them. Right?

Maybe if I ever make a movie, I'll have two characters that are so 0% pure they're practically meant to get it on with every man, woman, and tree on the map, so the fanfic/fanart people will focus on those and leave my precious good people alone. I'm not saying that my characters won't have sex, I'm just saying they wouldn't want to star in groundbreaking unregulated pornos like some of the slash (is that the word?) stuff I see seems to be.

Not that I'd know.

But seriously, Aragorn and Boromir are not supposed to comfort one another by making out. Sorry.

And Frodo and Sam do not snuggle naked under the full moon after a night of passionate gay sex. No.

It goes under the "Is Nothing Sacred?" catagory. Before I joined livejournal I didn't even know about it, and now that I do, I kinda wish I didn't.

I'm not going to start a campaign to stop it, I probably won't even bitch about it ever again, I just wanted to make a semi-public announcment stating that I think slash is pretty fucking weird.
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