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As a thank-you gift for a fundraising campaign I got a very nice 30oz yeti tumbler. It's ginormous. I can hydrate an army. It keeps ice frozen for a week. If a fluid oz weighs and oz, think about it, this is hauling two pounds of water around.

I am a fan of small vintage coffee mugs. I have never understood why things get bigger and bigger. There's a scene at Breakfast at Tiffany's where she goes out to get drunk and she's drinking the tiniest cocktail you've ever seen. That's how people got drunk back then. Life was more moderate. I am a large person, but I like my small closet of clothes, small plates for dinner, small coffee mugs and wine glasses. I only buy ice cream at the store so I can serve myself, because the ice cream places like Marble Slab charge something like $11 for their smallest cone and it's 64 cubic inches of ice cream. I drive a four cylinder hatchback. My wallet only holds 4-5 cards.

Back to giant yeti. It has a model... I think it's the rambler? titan? range rover? It's actually come in handy at my office for making tea. I use it as a teapot. I'll always admit a single teabag can make lots of tea. So I use the breakroom coffee maker to make hot water, pour half the pot into my yeti, then I've got hot tea for the whole afternoon, I just keep refilling my little mug over and over again.

I used to have an actual teapot but that's weird at the office. Ever since dolores umbridge tortured harry potter in her perfectly pink doily cat plate room, teapots are OUT.

A yeti is socially acceptable. It doesn't pour as well, but it's better insulated. And it commands respect. Nobody at work will give me any crap with my 30oz yeti mammoth. It says, "I'm rustic and tough and serious about hydration!"
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