Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how to export spotify playlist to text

I wanted to blog about my cool new spotify playlist but couldn't figure out how to export the song titles as a text file. Apparently this is not a feature spotify has. There are some other apps that do it but I do not like other apps.

But then I figured out a way.

1) Open playlist in the web player in chrome
2) Hit ctrl+p like you want to print the page
3) Destination - save as PDF
4) Under "More Settings" change the scaling to smaller if it doesn't show all your songs - for my 30 song list I got down to 40%

Now there is text that you can select/copy/paste. You don't even have to save the PDF, you can copy straight out of the preview window. It's not always clean with perfect line breaks but it's faster to clean up a bit than retype it all, right?
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