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poor olive got sent home from another hard day in the first grade for sounding wheezy and terrible. She's had trouble before when she got sick, stuff just seems to settle in her lungs more than it should. It was two years ago maybe when she and I spent a night alternating between the porch and the bathroom with the shower running when her cough got scary, it was terrible. but she's normally fine.

So I'm not sure what's changed, but the doctor said it was asthma symptoms, and she should use an inhaler twice a day for a while and avoid playing outside for a few days. That's too bad, the fall afternoons are nice lately. That's how I see it, anyway. Olive wasn't too bothered, she'd watch TV all day if we'd let her, so an excuse to rest on the couch is probably great.

She sounds better. It was Friday when she was sent home, and Saturday morning she woke up definitely sounding wheezy, like her lungs were too small. She's been writing tiny stories in a notebook and read them to me enthusiastically, she didn't have the breath she usually does and I noticed it and it sounded painful but she didn't seem to care.

What's weird is I didn't think a kid could just GET asthma? How was she fine last week, but not fine now, and is she sick or not? Is this something she'll shake off after a weekend of treatments and rest, and if that's the case that's not really asthma is it?

We went in for a follow up and the doctor said to continue treatments for now... I wasn't there, I would have pushed back. treatments for what? forever?
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