Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

communications training

I've been in training this week, two days of Crucial Conversations. It's a book, it's a company, it's a class. I think I read half or more of the book years ago, but the training helped too, especially the videos and examples in the class, and talking through examples.

I have coworkers who are setting very good examples for me right now, they are patient and good at reading people. I can speak calmly when I know what to say. I have to list out my talking points in a file, what to say in hard conversations.

a few of my bad habits I'd like to improve on:

1) I assume bad intent too often. Someone makes a choice I disagree with, I write them off as nuts. When I brainstorm with colleagues I sometimes realize the person is just misinformed, or made their decision without having all the information I do. They think of creative scenarios that make me realize the person might have been doing what I'd do in that situation.

2) I offer to step in and take the ball too much. It was a great skill at once time, but it's not so great around everyone, when you're wanting someone to be more independent or you're trying to delegate, resist resist resist. But it's a habit.

3) I interrupt people. Among my best friends this is always a norm, but it can get in the way.

the fine art of slowing down and taking a deep breath helps in call cases. leave some whitespace for the other person to talk, and for me to use my imagination. I am pretty good. We can all get better.
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