Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I live in a van down by the river...

Shady Pines features luxurious one and two bedroom apartments located in an ideal setting. Our residents enjoy close proximity to a well-established gun and pawn shop, and car title loans are offered right across the street. Our beautiful swimming pool is home to a wider variety of mosquitos than any Zoo, and happy neighborhood friends are waiting by our conveniently unsecured laundry facitilties to take your clothes out of the dryers as soon as they're done. No more worrying about what you left in there!

So Dad came home and heard about my new job and was just like, "Sweet! Let's go?" Go where? Go to Wichita! Find a place to live. He had time off, anyway, felt like a road trip.

So we went. I guess it was good that he went, Dad's good at picking out bad things about apartments where I was usually just like, "Wow, it's way bigger than the dorm and I don't have to share a bathroom? I'll take it!"

We looked at (now I'm not kidding here) 20 apartment complexes in two days. In most of these, we saw two floor plans. I about died, but Dad's a hell of a trouper, kept pushing on. Of course he thinks I should get the most expensive one, and I'm sure Mom will too, but the bottom line is that I'm going down myself this week for three days so I'll make the final decision. That makes me feel good.

Another fantastic thing is that apartments are cheap in Wichita! It totally rules... I can afford a two bedroom all by myself. I'll have an office, with a place for the sewing machine! I did the spreadsheet and figured every kind of taken out thing: my retirement plan, car payments, insurance, renter's insurance, internet, bloody taxes, peanut butter, and life looks good, I might even have some money left to buy furniture. Two bedrooms really aren't that more more than one bedrooms anyway. We looked at some nice floor plans with big balconies. I decided I want a second floor apartment, because I hate those stupid patio things that the first floor ones have. I must have a walk-in closet. I don't like the second floor apartments where you walk in your door and then have to go up the carpeted stairs that are part of the apartment... they're cute, but vacuuming them myself sounds awful and I don't want to have to go downstairs to open the door for people.

My #1 choice right now is next to a Fazoli's.

I told the HR guys I'd start on September 3rd, because they wanted a date and I really didn't know when I'd be able to move in and they said next months sounded fine. whoh. I think if I get in quickly, I'll try to move it back a week. They want me to start on a monday, but if I start on the 3rd I won't get paid for labor day. pleh.

I don't even have time to think about... life. Not now. I'm going going going... and it feels pretty good for a change.
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