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I've been getting the dumbest e-mail from my web site lately. The useless blobs ones are the worst. For a few days, I had a page up there saying that I'd like help hosting the blobs, but I only want help from people who have web space they're paying for (I didn't want 3 dozen people offering to host them on their geocities pages, I don't need help with that, you know?). But when I put the word "paying" on there, I got e-mail from people saying they thought it was crap that I was making people pay for the blobs. Huh? What? Then, I told everyone that if they had their own domain name, e-mail me to help and we'll work something out. I get e-mail from everyone just saying, "Send me a blob." because they thought I said "e-mail me if you want one" or something. Basically, there's no way to word this so I'll win, there will always be a select few geniuses who can't read an entire page, just scan it for key words, and act on those. It's annoying. I spend a lot of work writing words, I'd like visitors to read them.

Plus, I've gotten two e-mails in the last two days from people who are offended because I am a feminazi with a superiority complex and really hate men and think they should die, of course. I've gotten this stuff before, I don't care, there will always be somebody who can't take a joke and I'm not going to change the site for them, but damn. Asking someone if they've ever kicked a man in the groin and set him on fire is very different than saying I do it all the time myself. Hell, my guy friends here think the site is funny!

I went to the dentist this morning for my annual exam, maybe that's why I'm in such a bitchy mood? I have constantly perfect teeth, but it doesn't matter, everyone has to have flouride treatments and they just suck. And my dentist wanted to do x-rays, and I'm sick of getting x-rays so I refused. I just don't need that radioactivity every twelve months. And I don't need to see him every six months either, so it makes me mad that they just scheduled me an appointment for February, like I'm suddenly going to get a cavity or something. My teeth are fine! My reproductive system is fine, my eyes are mostly fine, there is no reason why I should see any particular doctor more than once a year!

And I need a new power supply fan. That irks me. Taking apart power supplies is a pain.

I added some new friends yesterday. If you're on my friends list now, welcome to the party :)

I finished "The Belgariad", those five David Eddings books, so Mikey lent me five more. Dang that Mikey! He knew I only wanted to read the first five, but now that I've got all these I have to read them, because, well, I have to, it's like a car accident, you can't look away, so the Linus Torvalds biography I bought like four months ago is going to have to be shelved again. It's like he's plotting something.

Anyway, the ending of "Enchanter's End Game" was cheesy and kinda lame. It was all, "You'll lose if you don't have love! Love will save us all! All we need is love (dah dah du-dah dah)! I can strike down the evil guy because nobody loves him!" blah blah blah. And the battle scene at the end was overdramatic and drawn out.

The books had some highlights, some very good moments and some excellent character development. It was very tolkien-esque at the beginning, but things shaped uniquely after that. I guess I'd generally recommend it.

So that's my review of that five book series.
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