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Dog walking

Confession: I am a lazy person who didn't walk my dog for months because it was cold and I was grumpy.

But now it's time to get BOTH of us back in shape so I've been getting up every morning and hitting the streets. Judy is totally excited to greet me in the morning these days, tail wagging tappy happiness if you grab for a leash. We go about a mile, I'd like to jog most of it but here's the problem: she stops. Just stops dead in the middle of the street and refuses to go. I'm thinking she's right beside me and then feel a jerk and realize she's planted all four feet again and it is SO ANNOYING.

Possible reasons:
She's more likely to stop if I'm running, maybe I'm running too fast.

She's more likely to stop if we're starting down a street, and might start again if we change course. Maybe she's scared of dark streets or just hates certain streets.

Maybe she wants to smell something. I let her have some smelling time, but if it was up to her we would never make it home. I try to walk in the middle of the street instead of right by the edge so there aren't as many tempting things.

Maybe she's got some business to take care of. Not usually. With my dog 90% of the time she's sniffing just to sniff.



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Apr. 15th, 2019 12:57 am (UTC)
You could try a little positive reinforcement. Ask her to start jogging ("let's go" or whatever verbal you want) and go a short distance before stopping and giving her a reward (verbal praise, scratch, treat). Slowly increase the distance. No praise or treat if she stops without you. She should figure out pretty quick that staying with you is better than parking herself. When you do stop and reward give her that moment to sniff and do her doggy thing before heading off again.
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