Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

really long email chains & owning my pet peeves

You all know how my livejournal is a lot of judgmental ranting about stuff I hate, right? And who cares, because it's my lj, and sometimes some of my friends hate the same things and sometimes a random commenter comes around and calls me out and I still don't care.

I can't find where I blogged about it, but I realized something I hated at work... getting an email chain that's 500 emails long, discussion thread going back three years or something, and someone forwards it to me with the line, "Spacefem, what are your thoughts?" I guess they think I feel like reading the war & peace of email chains. I do not.

Well rather than fuming about it I've just started to reply back with a quick, "It looks like there's a lot to this discussion, can you summarize what you're needing from me or meet up to talk through where we're at today?"


The world needs people who are good at summaries, anyway. Especially in technical fields, the sciences... our history is one of years and years of tedious projects and research. The magic happens when someone takes the time to sum it all up for distribution. Then you can get more people involved.

Anyway this is all to say that sometimes negative ranting can lead to positive productivity, don't give up on it.
Tags: office politics
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