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marie kondo's netflix show

A few years ago I read Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Book and really liked it so I was excited for her to come out with a show.

At first I thought it was a little boring. You don't get a lot of her philosophy, she's talking to people through a translator so she just doesn't say much. Translators are rough. You know what I think would be better... just keep her in Japan with her babies and Japanese people and subtitle it! I'd watch that, you'd get these huge conversations... and I work with people all over the world, every day, with accents and emails translated, but it's so hard. I love having bilingual people on my team at work, especially chatty bilingual people.

Or another good show concept would to have some american trainees live with her in japan for a while, become a bunch of tiny marie kondos, then she could come over here and grade them when they go to help real families or something. I though the Japanese loved game shows? She doesn't strike me as very competitive, that's the only thing.

So okay, I'm an elitist and going to do that thing and tell you to read the book.

It IS really good to see her help families, because in the book she's kind of like eh, clean your own stuff and your family will see your example and want to follow and maybe put their own crap away. Way easier said than done. These people obviously needed to go through their junk together, and they did. Parents and kids together.

My favorite episode was the one with the sweet husband from Guatemala who just had SO MUCH appreciation and gratitude for all the things in his life, but it was spilling over because he appreciated everything that entered the house. that one had some good moments, like when he wanted to keep the mailbox that originally came with their house even though they had a new one now, and Marie asked him which one was really important... you saw some ideas click with him. He started to realize that he really loved his future.

I try to be very good at getting rid of things. I've been working through my craft stuff since Josie moved into her own room this year and I don't have a craft room, I no longer have sewing set up to go all the time, I've slimmed down the fabric stash, a little. It's hard, but having scrap fabric and half-done projects was stressful too.

I've also developed a mental rule that if we order something online and it comes in a big box, I try to fill that box up with stuff to remove from our house. Before Christmas we got rid of a lot of toys. With fewer toys I found that my kids were MUCH more likely to tackle cleaning their rooms or the basement playroom.

My work wardrobe fits in my 3ft old house closet. In the winter I wear the same clothes, with an added layer underneath. It's very easy to get dressed every day because I only have about ten outfits to choose from. I no longer have an extensive collection of martini glasses. I only keep the books that I want to read over again or refer back to. It takes a lot to be a kept thing around my house. There's a lot of good reasons to declutter.
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