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fun home

The Wichita Community Theater performed Fun Home, the Tony-nominated musical based on Alison Bechdel's memoir about growing up and becoming a lesbian cartoonist. The Wichita Kansas Community Theater, people. Does that blow your mind? They did an amazing job and the house was packed. I have wanted to see this show since it came out on Broadway and I was really disappointed that it didn't have a longer run so I could see it in NYC - then I find out it's playing down the street? Stars aligning! I got tickets immediately.

I knew it was about Alison Bechdel and how her dad was a closeted gay man and she was an out lesbian and growing up in her family's funeral home, I thought it was about her life but it was really about her relationship with her dad. Enter my mistake: I brought my BFF who just lost her father this year and spent half the show sobbing. I DIDN'T KNOW. So that's a warning. I'm sorry about that.

There's this amazing scene where we're flashing back to college Alison about to go on her last car ride with her father, then suddenly for no reason her dad says, "Do you want to go?" to the present-day Alison who's been in the background, writing the story and talking in "captions" as a grown up cartoonist. She says "me?"

As in, do you, the grown-up, want to re-live a conversation from your past, knowing everything you know now, what would you say differently, would you know what to say... and she doesn't, and she's outside wanting everything to change. My life has not been so dramatic, but if a scene like that doesn't punch you in the chest you're not human.

Definitely a favorite musical forever, even if it was very sad.
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