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I read all the Harry Potter books

I used to post a lot more books I read... well let me say that this year I did read all seven Harry Potter books, that was good.

Things I did not like about them:
1) Ron Weasley always whining about the most inconsequential shit, until later in the end I wondered if it was secret Voldemort making him into an asshole? I'd literally skip pages about him being dramatic. I might have glazed over half of book four over it.

2) It really did not make a ton of sense that Dumbledore kept so many secrets from Harry. Harry was right to be mad about it. That guy was crazy.

3) The tri-wizard tournament made zero sense. Zero. Why not just play the other schools at Quidditch every few years?

Things I did like about them:
1) The conspiracy theories that young people are figuring out all the time are really a great lesson for the way the world is, always be asking questions, looking at history, looking at motives! The world is not always simple.

2) Werewolf tolerance, half horses keeping to themselves, giants reconciling their violent genetics... it's a diversity story. Not to mention that the good guys are the ones who don't care whose "blood" you have. Tolerance FTW, throughout all the books!

3) This idea that we are formed as kids and to really understand an adult, you need to understand their childhood, and that's why it's such a crucial time. All adults were once kids, and in this case, Hogwarts students, too. The backgrounds were fascinating.

I originally read the books because I'd only caught snippets of the movies, that's how I watch movies, I'm busy with life so I catch them here and there if they're on. I roam around and get things done in the house and miss parts, so I lost track of all the complicated character relationships. To really get the details I had to read the books, so I did. I'm in that club now.
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