Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I once broke up with a boyfriend over his driving

Reshare from a reddit question:
What are some aggressive things your partner has done that made you leave them?

My answer... from college, a million years ago, but I still remember it:
I had a boyfriend who was fairly disrespectful to me but I didn’t really realize what a jerk he was until I noticed his driving. He’d floor it all the time for no real reason. The last straw was the night I got nervous because he was driving in a movie theater parking lot with lots of pedestrians and I asked him to drive slower, I was like hey there’s little kids everywhere between these cars. His response was something like “well their stupid parents might learn to watch them!”

I said nothing else, then got angry, when he dropped me off back at my house I burst into tears and screamed at him and after that fight we were done.
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