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bunnies, internet, last night

I've started using these herbal organic cruelty-free hair care products from the Wild Oats market because they smell so durn good and make my hair feel all clean. On the side of the bottles, there's this icon of a rabbit with a circle around it and a slash through it, and I know it's supposed to mean that the products aren't tested on animals but every time I see it I can't help thinking, "Yeah, no more bunnies! Down with bunnies, they suck!"

I've decided that the Useless Blobs are taking a two-week vacation from the internet before returning on their new donated server. I got about twenty e-mails about this already, but I'm confident that the world will be a better place if I slow the momentum down a bit for a while.

Last night Mike and I went to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which was a supurb film, really. Pretty funny, and I totally cried at the end because, well, it's about family. Then we went to ashley's apartment to hang out. I was out past 1 a.m. again, I hate that, I'm going to start a self-inflicted curfew for myself. When I drive myself places it's not an issue, but when Mike is my ride sometimes I feel bad about dragging him away from stuff, and I'm going to have to stop feeling bad about that because I'm just not a person who can stay out until 2 and be happy with the world.

We met ashley's screwed up dogs, sabetha and little bit. Little Bit is the weirdest looking dog ever, he weighs like four pounds and really looks like he should be a short haired dog but isn't, and looks at people with the most vacant expression ever (sabetha does that too, it's not that weird I guess). Anyway, I asked ash why her dog was so freakish and she was like, "Because he's inbred!" (she said this in such a cute enthusiastic way, too...) "His brother is his father!" (that's the most screwed up thing I've ever heard). Mike does not like ashley's dogs. He said little bit "isn't big enough for a shot put but we can try anyway" and stuff like that. They aren't smart, I have to admit it.
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