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birthmark hurting

I don't mean to be an old person just blogging about my health problems but this year, man. they're crazy! I'm not even old!

This one ends very stupidly though, I mostly want to write it up to help internet people.

I have a birthmark or strawberry mark or whatever on the back of my head. It's a bald spot. It has not made my life terrible, except it was tricky wearing pigtails, I had to make the part crooked.

Anyway while traveling for work I noticed it hurt if I leaned up against it or pressed it. Weird. I tried not to mess with it.

But as the week went on it got worse. It hurt all the time. It kind of itched. It felt bigger... I couldn't tell, I didn't totally remember the boundaries. So I did some googling about a birthmark hurting, birthmark growing, itching, etc.

The internet said I definitely had skin cancer and melanoma and weeks to live.

This was upsetting. I called my doctor and got an appointment for two days later, when I'd have time to go in... no hurry right? I had my husband look at it, since it's on the back of my head and I'd tried taking photos but it was too hard, he said it looked red and weird and was glad I was going to the doctor.

The morning of my appointment it hurt so bad and I was so convinced I was going to die I also called a dermatologist who told me they couldn't see new patients for MONTHS and I needed to see my primary care physician and I was like okay fine. I'd had trouble sleeping because it throbbed all the time, I wondered why I didn't just take off work as soon as I noticed pain because now I was definitely going to die, right? It wasn't until that morning that I got really worried.

Well I was fine. My doctor said it was just some stupid clogged hair follicle or zit or something. Stabbed it and told me to keep it clean. I did, and it went away. It was a total coincidence that it was on my birthmark, a lot of people get these on their head, I just never had before.

So I'm going to make it, internet.

Never a terrible idea to see your doctor I guess, I had all these apologies about how I felt stupid but it's on the back of my damn head, I can't see it! She said it was seriously no big deal.

I've had actual friends my age have to get skin cancer stuff removed. I've had actual friends my age die quickly of cancer! So I'm writing this up because you never read stories about "and then I was fine" kinda like when you're pregnant and so worried about the future, you never read about "oh my god I had a baby... and it grew up and lived to be 90 years old" None of that is shocking enough to go viral.

every day, millions of people are very boring.

that's my big news.
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