what's up with build-a-bear this week?

so here's a relevant, topical post for the week... build a bear! wtf?

They had a "pay your age" day where you could go get a bear for your age, so if your kid is 8, her bear is only $8.

Which sounds awesome except I've been to build a bear, haven't a lot of people? The bears are never that expensive. They're like $12, maybe $20, sure there's some flashy licensed ones but there's almost always some on sale or a buy-one-get-one deal. They have sales all the time.

The sales never extend to accessories, and that's the bread and butter of build a bear. I was telling a friend of mine about how we might have build-a-bear clothes that are more expensive than my clothes.

You get your $12 bear then realize the little shirt for it is $8, but why just get the little shirt when you can get the $15 dress, $10 shoes, $20 rollerskates (yup), hat, bow, headband, purse, and you walk out thinking "I got a $12 bear! It was only $50!"

Maybe I notice these things because when I worked in the shoestore we were always getting pressure to sell extra accessories and items. We were graded on the item count average on all the days receipts. Profit margins on "stuff that's not shoes" was huge. Shoelaces, socks, shoe cleaners and care kit, bags, bows, etc.

I let a guy hear it at best buy. I think I bought some silly bookshelf speakers when I got out of college, and he was giving me this whole speech about how I had to get MONSTER CABLE or else my purchase was practically wasted by loss in cheap speaker wire. I told him fuck off I'd use lamp cord if I wanted. I'm a woman, I've been hearing people upsell me on accessories my whole life.

It actually takes 16 days to buy a laptop at best buy now, you have to say "no" to so many extra accessories and warranty plans.

Oh so anyway, a friend sent me the build a bear "pay your age" special, I blew it off. Then my husband mentioned it! I was like "DON'T GO!" But he's home with the girls, bored, so they went and saw the huge line.

He's smart, he doesn't set the kids up for possible disappointments. We basically don't tell them anything in life worth looking forward to until we're in it. I think I'm going to a friend's donut party tomorrow and taking my five year old. SHHHHH.

Now everyone's mad that the line was so long. This is the social media age, where a thing either takes off or it doesn't. I've experienced this with my own groups having public events. Sometimes 140 people click "interested" and 5 people show up. Sometimes 140 click "interested" and 300 people show up. And they get mad and say "You should have planned for this!" Are you new here, sir? I'm sorry you wasted that COSTLY "interested" click, I know you have a limited amount to give.

So I can imagine that even build-a-bear is stunned this week, saying "but we have sales all the time, why was this one an overcrowded hate fest?"

You'll never know, overworked mall employee.


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