no socks

When I first came to work in an office 15 years ago, our company dress code required that everyone wear socks or hosiery.

My staple was close-toed dress shoes, knee high hose, and slacks.

Now it looks like the fashion for women is to never wear socks at all. So I'm trying to ditch the knee highs and go with those weird invisible socks that nobody can see but I think I hate this trend.  I'm in a nicer building these days with people who dress better and it looks like they really do not wear socks. Maybe that's the fashion. Why wear socks? They help your shoes last longer that's for sure. Why have shoes that last longer? It's women's shoes, you're supposed to throw them all out and replace them every three months. Oh wait, I hate that.

On jeans day I wear normal socks and brown leather lace-up sneakers that I got in the men's department. Leather holds up so much better I really try to get only that, but in the women's side of things it's hard to find and crazy expensive if it's any where. Men get leather shoes for $60. I think the ones I got are clarks or bass or something. I did get recognized one day when a guy saw that we were wearing the exact same shoes and he just said "that's so cool, they make the same ones for women!" and I just said "YUP!" At least, they made some for this woman.


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