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took kids on a flight

I work at an airplane company and have a pilot's license yet my youngest daughter lived four years without every flying in an airplane. motherhood fail! she was asking for it too, multiple times, "I want to fly on an airplane!"


I'm not current and getting current requires several flights with an instructor but I know pilots, so I checked the flying club schedule to see who was flying around for fun, and saw my friend amanda's name. She's awesome, so I asked if we could go along with her on a practice flight she had already scheduled.

First thing I'll mention is that I took the girls to a carnival last weekend and Olive had a great time except when we rode the ferris wheel, she cried. We went back to the little train ride and she was elated and forgot her troubles.

Friday Marc told her that she might get to go in an AIRPLANE and she was stoked!

I got home from work early and told Olive we might get to go on an an airplane ride, and she suddenly shifted to being less thrilled. Asked if we could just look at the airplanes but not ride in them. Asked if the airplane would be fast (I said NOPE) asked if it'd be loud (I said yes but we're bringing your panda bear earmuffs - califone hearing protection 27db noise reduction rating!) and I assured her we would not go very high at all.

Picked up Josie from school, went to the flying club, had a great time setting up the seat and sitting in the airplane, takeoff went great, then about 20 minutes in Olive started crying and wanted her earmuffs off but then it was too loud so she was REALLY mad about that and we turned around and went home because she was acting traumatized. We hadn't exactly planned an exotic trip but still, I was thinking we'd at least make it 90 minutes or so, nope.

Josie looked out the window happily and had a great time spotting trains and lakes and the soccer game at the high school stadium. When we landed she observed that many houses have swimming pools and we should obviously have one too.

Olive said it was scary, but fun, which is weird because from the screaming and sobbing in the back seat I didn't detect the fun, but I was really playing it up asking her the questions about what she saw out the windows. She said she saw houses on our planet.

Josie has been on little airplanes as a fetus/baby/toddler/big kid and usually falls asleep, either way she's never been upset by it, so I felt bad that Olive was so freaked out but she's a very different kid so it's okay. Just not as much of a thrill seeker. Prefers the ground, I guess.

I like flying with friends. Amanda is a better pilot than me. Calmer, and better at spotting traffic. When you get a traffic warning on your display you start scanning and get it in sight as soon as you can. She beat me to it every time. Yes I could get current myself with several instructor flights, practice flights, regular outings... it's a pain. With friend flights I can just chip in and split costs on one flight and they get their landings and I get my 1-2 rides a year and that's fun. That might be how my flying goes for a while.
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