Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how anti-abortion comments make me even more pro-choice

The comments section.

A family on facebook made the brave decision to post their late-term abortion story:
This is ending a wanted pregnancy.
This is late-term abortion.

To those of you who are saying that Matt & I should have given Omara the chance to live, and don't feel like reading the blog; she had an inoperable tumor growing into her brain, lungs and heart. She would not have lived to birth. If we had waited past the window of a legal abortion and she died in my womb, I would have had to carry her body (while my body began breaking it down) before being scheduled for a D&C or EXIT procedure (due to the size her tumor would have been). We opted to end the pregnancy early, relieve the suffering that she and our family were experiencing and deliver her through labor fully intact. Because of this decision we were able to hold her and say good-bye.

And as usual, the comments on this story convince me again and again that the anti-abortion side is awful. Comments like:

I don't understand why you just wouldn't let nature take its course instead you kill your child There is no reason for anyone to kill a innocent child your story dose not justify what you did and in the end i think you will always wonder if your child would have survived doctors are wrong all the time you should have given her a fighting chance she was obviously still alive for a reason and you just snatched her life from her i honestly feel you just didn't want a child with a tumor on her face so you killed her

And if for some miracle the baby would have survived you'll never know because she wasn't given the chance. God does great things if you allow him the chance.

Everyone has their own opinion. I don't think it is right if you were excited about the pregnancy why kill the child, medically tumors can be removed, it wasn't hard decision it was a way out just like every other abortion

I am one for no Abortion, but i do understand why you done what u did. I am sorry for what you are going threw. I am sorry. There is a difference in having to do it, to wanting to do it.

The government belongs there when women are having multiple late term abortions, celebrating them, and using them as a former of birth control. Sometimes, like in your case, abortions are medically necessary. And that should be remember in an executive order by a president... but nobody is perfect; and you can't blame a man /woman/ group of people for standing up for a unborn human's right to live.

That's so sad... I don't believe in abortion, but if you have a good reason then that Shouldn't be a problem.

Dear anti-abortion crusaders who somehow think it's your business to comment:

If you want to make all abortion illegal, that means making all abortion illegal. No one is going to come back to YOU to ask if YOU'RE okay with ONE because THIS reason might be good enough for some of you. You are forcing everyone into your agenda, without knowing the circumstances, including this heartbreaking case and all the others like it. How do you think this will work, you'll somehow be appointed head of the tribunal that decides whether a woman and her doctor are doing the right thing? Should we just leave it up to facebook? Clearly there are people on your side who don't believe there should be ANY exception. Will you debate with them, or just stay silent and let them make the choice for all of us?

If you believe that God does amazing things, then let Him do all those things in your life. You don't have to wear a seatbelt, God can prevent car accidents. You don't have to keep your job, God will send you food. You want to go through a full pregnancy, labor and delivery to put a tiny baby through a short painful life because you think that's what God wants? You do it. But I'll tell you - there are very sick babies, everywhere, all the time, and God is not showing up for them.

Doctors are not casually performing late-term abortions on healthy moms with healthy babies. It is not happening. When these cases come up, they are serious and need addressed quickly. There is no time for appeal, in the court of law or the court of facebook. Women are not casually skipping down the sidewalk in month 6-7-8-9 because they changed their mind or are tired of being pregnant. If you think they are, you are wrong. Period.
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