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March for Science!

If there is a March for Science in your city this weekend, GO GO GO. I am actually going to get out there this time.

I have always seen the need for science to look at its relationship to people, and there is destined to be a gap there. How do we get kids into science? How do we convinced politicians that funding science will bring economic, ecological, quality of life benefits that help the entire population?

I am trained to troubleshoot data bus problems, not people problems. I can't hook up on oscilloscope to sociology. I'm like every engineer. So the gap continues.

Get out there and be part of the conversation. Learn about organizations that are bridging the gap. Keep asking questions, just like you do when you're working on a technical project.

And if anybody tries to stop you, be a resistor. Or a capacitor. Or a transistor. Or a power source. You can do pretty much anything with those.

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Apr. 22nd, 2017 09:53 pm (UTC)
Our car was so far away because we'd parked it outside the CBD and taken the bus in, we could have taken the bus back out too, but I didn't want to as we had no time pressure and it was such a nice day.

Your point is valid and I've certainly been on many a march that would have been terrible with kids.

I want to acknowledge that the organisers of this march (some of whom took their kids with them) did a great job, I think they planned the march with families in mind. The protest even ended at the museum (rather than parliament, where you'd expect it to end). The kids enjoyed looking and playing around in the museum for a bit before going back home.

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