Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

regarding your word template...

I'm writing this letter to livejournal not a real person because I can't decide if it's polite.

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for sending me the word template for your program, it was a big help. I added my updates and attached the latest document for reference. Just a suggestion, you might want to use my document as your template from now on. I made a few improvements. For example:

1) Before the heading that you had on page 2, I inserted a page break, rather than just hitting enter a lot so the heading would go to page 2. One benefit of this is that if you have to add lines to page 1, the page 2 heading will still stay at the top without having to add/delete carriage returns to compensate.

2) I used tabs with leaders to fill in the space between the left and right text, so you don't have to type in a lot of dots (.............) to get the right text all the way over to the edge. This also makes the right edge a little straighter.

3) I added automatic page numbers in the footer instead of individually typed numbers in text boxes.

These changes aren't a big deal but they might help people who use your template in the future. Thanks again for helping me get started! And if you have any questions about microsoft word, I am happy to help out.
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