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friday night at the picture show!

Okay, so last night when mikey stepped on my flip-flop I was totally mad at him, but soon afterwards I got the coolest bruise! Seriously, who gets a bruise in between their toes? So I decided to fire up the webcam and take some shots of, well, my life. Here's the first one, it's my foot:

Nice, huh? Before you say anything, let me make note of the fact that I'm already aware of my freakishly long toes. I'm special, okay?

This is the dress I've been working on. Sorry my webcam sucks, also sorry I can't model it for you yet, the buttons aren't sewn on. When I get to that I'll try to put up another picture.

This is me screaming about the buttons.

If I modeled the dress, maybe this is what it would look like:

This is me flexing my amazing arm muscles I've gotten from working out! Go me! Don't laugh.

And this is just me smiling at you because, um, you read my journal!

M'kay, that's as weird as I'm gonna be for the next six months...
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