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100% voting for James Thompson

We're having a special election this week in Kansas and electing a congressman. James Thompson is the democrat and Ron Estes is the republican.

James Thompson is an army veteran whose daughter attends our public schools. He wants to fund education, diversify our economy, enforce privacy rights and expand technology access in rural communities.

Ron Estes hasn't done anything, refuses to show up for debates or even talk about why he feels he should be our congressman, but this week his campaigned seemed to light up and turn on with the craziest attack ads.

Here's my impression of a Ron Estes ad:

Kansas, don't vote for James Thompson because he is LIBERAL. LIBERAL LIBERAL LIBERAL. He likes OBAMACARE. OBAMACARE OBAMACARE OBAMACARE. And he really likes ABORTION. He wants ABORTION for everybody. He's probably had like seven abortions, yes he even wants abortions for upstanding men like yourselves, somehow. LIBERAL OBAMACARE ABORTIONS. And TAXES. LIBERAL OBAMACARE ABORTION TAXES.

Tell me I'm wrong:

The taxes thing always gets me because when I first started paying a little attention to politics in the mid-90s I learned about the "tax and spend democrats". That was the accusation from the right... democrats want big government, they just want to take all your money and spend it on their own stupid agenda. Republicans won't waste your money on things like public education, healthcare, or saving the environment.

But we will totally spend your tax dollars on wars! Including my favorite... the $50 BILLION "war on drugs", yes please keep this random guy who smoked a joint in jail. Or we could spend tax dollars on building a wall around mexico, drug-testing welfare recipients, investigating miscarriages to make sure women aren't getting illegal abortions, and defending new laws about who can use which bathroom and whether same-sex couples can adopt kids. Way to cut spending.

I haven't voted republican in at least the last ten years, and this week just cements my trend.
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