Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

stopping cold

My six-year old loves little Shopkins toys, and on the package it says to go to the shopkinsworld website for more fun and excitement. She really wanted to go. The site pointed to apps and games so we downloaded Shopkins Chef club. It was a fun game where shopkins fall into a bowl and you try to connect identical ones with lines and they blow up and more fall and you see how many you can get in a minute. She'd play, then I'd take a turn, then we'd run out of lives for the hour and go do something else.

I started figuring things out about the game, so before she woke up I'd play a few rounds on the ipad and win her some coins to get better helper virtual shopkins. Then I realized if I had it on my phone it was the same account and I could play over lunch too... one thing lead to another, after a couple weeks of this we had something like four million coins, I'd paid something like $18 for game upgrades, I like buying game upgrades because I think developers deserve something back when they provide some fun for us, and then I figure I HAVE to keep playing because hey we paid for it.

One morning, I'd earned enough gems to get a super ultra rare crazy grand power shopkin or whatever, an occurrence that happens about once a week. I traded my gems for the shopkin and shut my phone off. Checked in later, the gems were gone but the shopkin wasn't there. Game bug.

I was mad so I uninstalled it from my phone. Just quit playing cold like that.

It was awesome.

I didn't miss it at all.

It's made me think about what else I could just quit.

Do you ever look around your house and see too much stuff in it and fantasize about torching it all and walking away?

I wonder if I'd miss pokemon if I quit playing. I met some nice friends through that game. It gives me something to do in checkout lines. But it is something I log into every day. I think I am concerned about the things I log into every single day, maybe that's the line when something is unhealthy.

Maybe I should be one of those religions that gives things up for lent, like chocolate or coffee or phone games. When I am into religion I'm really into religion. It's the nerd brain mentality, we are light switches, no in between. What else should I be quitting, that's my question of the week now.

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