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hungry hippos party

We had a grownup party last weekend! Well, relatively. Gist is that a looong time ago when we lived downtown and threw fab parties all the time we had a hungry hippos tournament. It was unforgettable and a blast. People moved around and visited and got to know each other and had a great time. Then we started having babies and our parties became birthdays for our kids, which attracts a different crowd, and the older Josie gets the more her parties become HER parties. Parents we've never met show up, drop their kids up, show up two hours later and I would never recognize anyone in the family if I saw them at a store.

So we had our second hungry hippos tournament.

How we do this:

1) Set our three game boards on different tables. I wish we were more spread out, there had to be two tables in the living room.

2) Give everyone a scorecard with a matrix - you have to play every hippo at every table. But here's the crazy part: after every game, you have to get up and switch tables. No sitting at the same table talking to the same people.

3) Record total number of marbles. Then the highest scores got into a double elimination tournament - still four players at a time but every game had two winners and two losers, until the end sudden death one winner.

4) You know one way to know you're old? When the accountant at the party checks everybody's addition and ranks the round robin scores.

5) Winner wins his or her own hungry hippos game.

Here are some lessons learned and takeaways:

1) ZOMG you guys, I'm getting old and my friends are now OLD. You know how I can tell? Because I said the party started at 6pm, and everybody SHOWED UP AT 6PM. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Then they were ON IT and knocked out their scorecards way too fast. Not enough mingling, it was practically action-oriented!

2) A hungry hippos game comes with 20 marbles. Replacement marbles are not a thing you can buy, apparently. I feel like this is bullshit disposable culture. But whatever... I think a good solution would be to have some reserve marbles set aside, and play every game with 16 marbles. Just get your mind into thinking you need 16, then when you're down one it's not the end of the world.

3) After the tournament a lot of people bailed but a few of us stayed after and played some other games, so I am glad we have other games.

There was a great cross-section of people and since we haven't had friends over in forever, a lot of them had never been over before and didn't know each other but still got along. Marc had some friends from his work over, I did not have work friends, it's harder to have work friends as a manager I'm noticing. I straight up won't facebook anybody in my chain and everybody at my same level is a workaholic with no time for friends. Fine with me. I invited other friends... from my pokemon team, the makerspace, church, we were covered.

Must do this again, at least once a year if not more. I like game nights. We have dinners with people now a lot too but a big party kind of ties them all together and it was something to look forward to and get the house cleaned for.
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