Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

kazaa, food, pain, dress

I'm in windows, making a flash website. Kazaa is probably selling all my CPU cycles while watching me through the USB port to see if I bite my nails or not. I do. There. I ran ad-aware after installing kazaa and then kazaa wouldn't run anymore. sneaky little bastard, isn't it?

we got barbque take-out tonight, it was so good. If I ever become a vegetarian, I'll have to be the kind that eats pork ribs. I have some left over for tomorrow's lunch too, which should be wonderful.

I helped mom move furnture today, and alphabetized some books on shelves for her. Then I worked out. A trainer there asked me when I'd be going back to school, I explained the situation for her. She seemed to understand. I think a lot of people do.

Tonight I met mike at johnny's and he bought me some potato skins that totally canceled out all physical calorie-burning effort I'd done all day. But they were good, too. We played trivia then left and walked down to see if lauren was working at the convenience store, but she wasn't. Then mike accidently stepped on the back of my flip-flop and I about ripped all my toes off. I didn't think I stepped with that much force, it was painful and mike felt terrible about it. Mike says that women have a higher tolerance for pain than men. I'm not sure what that means. Like, I'm a woman, I have no tolerance for pain. I whine and cry and complain my way through everything. Mike brought up the childbirth thing, and I told him that didn't mean anything, because if and when I ever go through that I'll probably cry and scream and beg for drugs, that's not tolerating, tolerating is being tough and unemotional. We survive childbirth because we have no choice. It's not like we can stop mid-way and be like, "Okay, I'm kidding, I really can't do this. Stop." So maybe "tolerance" means something different and more scientific sometimes, but according to my definition, women do not have a higher tolerance for pain than men.

My wonderful dress is having a crisis, the buttons I bought don't match, I tried another color and it doesn't match either. Crap! I don't think there's any way around this. It's sad, because my new sewing machine had a totally amazing automatic buttonhole maker, I mean, you don't even have to know what size to make it, you just push the button into the little measurement thing and it knows. I got kinda excited when I did it for the first time. But now I never want to make anything with buttons ever again, unless it's black, or white. The world doesn't make really-dark-grayish-midnight-navy buttons.
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