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How to start posting on livejournal if you've been on a break

1) Don't apologize. Every online community has serious attrition losses, if we got "mad" at everyone who started posting on a website and then stopped we'd 1) lose our minds and 2) obviously have WAY too much time on our hands. So you don't owe the world anything. Writing your excuses and explaining how it'll all change and feeling guilty for not being better... all a waste of energy.

2) Post up some short ideas. This place is not an essay for grade school, not every entry needs an introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion. A few sentences can be enough.

3) Schedule your entries out into the future. Nearly all of my entries are scheduled posts, obviously I do not take time at 10AM on a weekday to write in livejournal but it's a nice time to get readers and comments. I get a warm fuzzy knowing that I've got entries set up for a week of posting every 2-3 days and it takes the pressure off of me having to write something TODAY. When I look at my journal and I've had a regular cadence of posts I'm proud of myself and think well hey, this isn't too hard to keep going.

4) Have a place, on your phone or a notepad, to make a note of topics for entries you'd like to write about later. When I do have time to sit down and blog it'll often involve tackling 3-4 things that have been on my mind.

5) Make sure your community is alive. Here are my tips. Commenting and seeing what other people are writing about will inspire you.

6) You're doing great. Writing is good for you. Do it!
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