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thoughts for the evening

(and this isn't directed towards anyone in particular)

Why do people post comments like, "I added you to my friends list, I hope that's okay!"? What am I going to say, it's not okay? I write my journal on the internet, but I'd rather not have people read it if it's alright with you?

When I add people to my friends list, I don't ask if it's okay. Hell, I think they should be honored! I'm pretty cool, and now they can read my friends-only entries (well, as some of you know, that's not really a perk some days...)

And why do people still e-mail me about the useless blobs not working when I already put a disclaimer on the site that says, "Sometimes the server is down. Don't e-mail me about it, it always comes back in a couple days. If it bothers you that much, save them to your own server when you get the chance."? I spent a lot of work writing the text on my website, I wish people would read it.

(this entry was brought to you by the American Association of Technical Writers: We WTFM!)
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