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It seems like after the election someone asked why I wasn't posting more post-election feelings, and the answer was I just couldn't, but...

I keep thinking about Cabaret. I'd never seen it until 2014 when my friend dragged me to NYC to see it on broadway, and it was shocking, then I saw the movie from 1972 and it's also very good.

Anyway, check it out if you've never seen it because lately it reminds me of the country. We're sitting around eating in restaurants and having fun friend drama and all these weird sneaky little things keep happening in the background... more nazis here or there, the right getting bolder... songs, demonstrations, arrests.

Sometimes I won't blog about politics for weeks because I can't deal but it's very much in my head.

I think about Alan Kurdi a lot. I close my eyes and see him on the beach, a drowned little boy the same age as my baby, it haunts me. I donate to the IRC.

I think, maybe nothing matters, because Obama also didn't save the drowning syrian refugees.

But he didn't all out hate them so much either. With the immigration ban it's almost like we're saying they deserve it, because they're from Syria, and now you just straight up can't come in here if you're a refugee from Syria.

My family came here from Germany to escape the Kaiser in the 1920s. I've always thought about what a big move that was, leaving everything behind, because your country is so bad. Now I'm just wondering why they were given a place to go, but now we can't do the same for other families because we think they might be terrorists?

At the end of the musical, this latest revival, the master of ceremonies reveals a concentration camp uniform, and he says...

Leave you troubles outside.
So - life is disappointing? Forget it.
We have no troubles here.

and in my head I knew "here" was where I was sitting.

Here life is beautiful...
The girls are beautiful...
Even the orchestra is beautiful!

I keep thinking that the ocean is beautiful.

we have no troubles here.
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