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I can answer thefridayfive any day I want. This week it was questions about pets.

How many pets have you had at one time?
We had four guinea pigs and a dog. And a baby, if you count that! Unfortunately the lifespan of guinea pigs leaves something to be desired so we currently only have one guinea pig and our dog.

What is the strangest pet you have ever had?
When I was in high school my parakeets had a baby that I named Agamemnon because I thought he'd really need warrior strength to survive. He did! But during that baby phase... definitely looked like an alien.

What is the coolest trick you have ever taught a pet?
That's a struggle. I consider it a huge accomplishment that my dog kinda sits for treats and to get her leash on for walks, and she's not even so great at that. The guinea pigs give zero fucks about tricks. I even tried playing with a laser pointer in their cage once, they went over and sniffed the dot and declared "not food" and went back to their pigloos to nap.

Real animals: What animal have you always wanted as a pet?
Marc wants a hedgehog. I'm lukewarm on the idea.

Imaginary animals: Describe the ideal pet, an animal that doesn't really exist.
A dog that doesn't have to poop might actually be the ideal pet. I really like dogs. They love us, they're excited about just about anything.

Runner up to that would be a guinea pig that cares about people. One friend of mine said that herbivores know "we're not on the same side". Pugsly, our current guinea pig, is interested in our activities and kinda likes to be petted, but doesn't run out to see us, doesn't follow us around if left out like the dog does.

There's so many cute fuzzy animals that could use more dog tendencies, that's what I'm saying.
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