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Well, ashley finally managed to get me to go to her dad's bar, KC Neighborhood Bar & Grill in, um, mission is it? I didn't pay attention. Basically, Mike called me in the middle of eating dinner with my parents and I said I'd call him right back. Then Dave called me after dinner so I forgot about that. Then I was getting back to sewing when mom's like, "Spacefem, one of your weirdo friends is sitting in a car in front of our house." And it was mikey, the weirdest friend of all! Well, weirdest in a good way. He was just sitting there reading a book like the dork he is, waiting for me to call back his cell phone. I went out and told him to go away because I don't like stalkers, then jumped in front of his car. He told me if I did that, I'd have to get in. So I did. And we drove off. I love Mike, he's knows that I'm an antisocial hermit and need to be forcebly removed from my comfortable house for health and sanity reasons, so he takes care of that for me. It's nice not to worry about these things myself.

We ended up at the bar around, oh, 9 or so? Maybe 8. Anyway, our crowd sort of gathered after that: steve, ash, jen, and kevin m., and we set to playing the photo-difference game on the bar game thingy, drinking drinks, eating fried pickles (mike loves fried pickles, I think they're weird as hell), talking about life. Then karaoke started up. When I went to des moines we went to a bar with karaoke and we were all pissed off about it and didn't like it, but with the crowd I was hanging with last night it was really fun, we got into it, we were excited. And karaoke bar crowds are always much nicer to one another. All six of us or so got up and sang together (I forget which songs), then jen and ashleigh and I sang, "girls just wanna have fun" (I think we were really awful). Mike was trying to get me to sing something, and I was thinking about doing "I Am Woman" but it goes kinda high and I really can't sing. I asked Jen if she'd do it with me, because jen can sing, but she said she didn't really know the song. travesty! so I did "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"; it only has like five notes and they're all nice and low :) Steve got up on stage so I could stomp on him while I did it. Most of the people just watched the karaoke words and didn't look at the audience at all when they sang, but I'm way cooler than that, I jumped up on stage and danced around and knew most of the words already so I didn't have to look at them. And I had to improvise a bit because ashley's twin brother (ryan?) kept yelling, "Show us your boobs!" and stuff, so I'd be all, "one of these days these BOOTS are going to walk all over... that asshole in the corner!" So many people sang sappy, slow love songs, that bar totally needed me.

And that was my karaoke debut. It was a total blast, really, I was surprised, and a bunch of guys at the bar told me I was hot and a wonderful dancer :) They must have been totally canned, because I'm a horrible dancer. I am pretty hot, but that doesn't make up for everything.

We stayed at the bar way too late. I started feeling tired but didn't say anything because everyone was having fun, but on the way home in mike's car I just sorta melted. I didn't feel good and when I'm tired my body goes into hyper-wus-mode, I really hate how I do that but I've been like that since I was born. Have no tolerance for hunger, pain, fatigue, anything, I just start putting my physical needs in front of everything else, including the happiness of the people around me. It's bad. I feel bad for doing it. But it happens and even though I say now that I'll learn to control it, it'll happen again. So anyway, I acted all pissed off and mike felt bad. but he still gave me the next david eddings book and all the cds he had in his car after the night was over. i need to pay him back for the bar tab eventually, he bought all my beer.

Mom woke me up early because I'd promised to help her move some furniture where she worked. I didn't want that. But I had already put her off once, so I made coffee and grabbed a candy bar and we went off to get stuff done. I guess I'm really glad I got up and got moving, otherwise I don't know how long I would have stayed in bed. It felt good there. I had a bad dream, about mike and I driving in this cart thing up hills, and the hills kept getting steeper and steeper, until finally one was practically straight up like a roller coaster and I was sure we were going to tip backwards and hurt ourselves, but we kept going. then the hills were all downhill and it basically was a roller coaster. But aside from the dream, everything else was fine, it was comfy dozing off.

now I'm ripping all mikey's cds into MP3s. I'm going to have four weird al albums on my computer now. scary. mike is so bizarre.
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