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I didn't march

I was really happy to see wonderful turnout for the women's marches yesterday, but I was not part of that turnout. I went to Toastmasters meetings in the morning, a seminar in the afternoon, a birthday gathering in the evening. I stayed normal and kept my head down because that is what I feel like doing. I have a "what's it all for" voice in my head this year, hardcore. I've done the activism thing before. It helped. I made some friends. I met some people I would not have met... social workers, political science professors, non-profit managers, lawyers, therapists. I would explain to them how I spend my weeks building airplanes as an electrical engineer, they'd glaze over and laugh and say "I'm glad we have airplanes but that is so not my thing, no part of my brain can be asked to focus on those ideas for more than ten minutes." Oddly enough, that's how I'm starting to feel about activism. I'm all about influencing within my sphere, but the complicated sausage-making aspects of politics are so frustrating. I want to leave it to the experts. Throw my hands up, go back to work, send them a check when I can.

I was eating lunch this week overhearing a conversation between some men at another table. They were saying that if we truly embraced the second amendment and everyone was armed and saw it as their civic duty to own & have an in-depth knowledge about their piles of guns, we wouldn't have to fight all these wars to keep terrorists governments out of power. We wouldn't need diplomacy. Terrorists just wouldn't screw with us. They'd be afraid, of all of us and our individual shotguns. We could keep to ourselves, they could self-destruct over in the desert, great plan.

I sometimes think I could write a whole blog about things I overhear just living in the middle of a very red state.

Anyway in case you don't know me, I am the kind of person who sees a lot of logical flaws in the "let's arm ourselves to the teeth then terrorists can't get us" argument, first there's the cost-benefit analysis of guns doing more harm to us than good, then there's the arms race bit to bring up about how terrorists could just get weapons that are tougher to defend ourselves from... but their conversation, none of my business, I just ate my chicken fried steak and wrote this LJ entry in my head.

Yeah, I know, the evils of sticking to our own bubble echo chamber... well I'm not the one to break that whole wall down. I'm tired, and I'm going to stick to what I do best, which is not politics. I'm not sure who does do it best. Not my whole side, apparently.
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