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2016 Year in Review

I always do this entry on the last day of the year in case anyone missed anything going on in my life, and re-cap my popular entries (according to google). Usually it's month-by-month. I'll try.

January - Social Capital is an important word to me this year, it's about how connected you are with your community. Entry of the month is The World Needs Joiners Too about how you should join an organization before trying to start up your own. This was really inspired by a book I read in 2015, Bowling Alone. This year I found more and more ways to apply things I learned by the ideas I got in that book.

February - As my career has gotten more complicated I'm growing more and more reflective about what leaders need to do. One of those things is my go-to methods for handling beat up meetings when I'm being challenged to do more with limited resources. I tried passing this on at work, some people really appreciated it, others just want to keep fighting and being defensive. I have thoughts on this too. Tune in next year.

March - Marc did a good thing and made a locator site for Little Free Libraries. We planted a lot of LFLs this year! It was a fun spring/summer project. We run a city-wide facebook page for Wichita too, and enjoyed lots of exposure and people sharing the love from that... posts that reached well into the 5000 range, good publicity for new libraries.

April - Tried and failed to each my 6 year old about toy fads. She is not a minimalist yet.

May - Josie learned to ride her bike without training wheels. She picked it up like she was born to do it, and we spent the rest of the summer on bike rides. Sometimes on quiet bike paths, sometimes off to shops for ice cream, she's a pro.

June - Tried talking to 5th grade girls at a STEM event that went hilariously.

July - Repeated the class I teach to our summer interns, once a week trying to help them transition to be real engineers. It's become my favorite thing to do and a luxury, something that's so fun I can't believe I get paid for it, so I hope I can still find the time for it in future years.

August - I got way into Pokemon Go. It's a great game, I'm one of the few and proud still playing and it's only gotten better as I've met more people because you have to get in with your team to be successful at the higher levels. I'll have to write about it sometime.

September - Fall career fair recruiting at colleges. Interviews, resume reviews, looking out for next year's engineer rock stars.

October - After YEARS of putting it off I finally got my wisdom teeth out. It took five minutes. I was awake, just numbed up. Recovery involved a weekend of not talking, which was really hard for me, and then a month of eating lots of soup. I lost some weight.

November - Airplane I was working on got full-on crazy, with high tensions, 24x7 support, I worked every single day except Thanksgiving day when they made us take just the one Thursday off. Gave me a lot to think about. Also there was a presidential election.

December - Airplane flew by Christmas, barely. We got a week off. I was determined to stay productive and did. The night before first flight was one last classic work until 11PM, because of course. There are some cool things about a project like this. There are some not cool things. We'll see how it goes next year, if we're all just right back into it.
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